Freedom for your days

What makes Divinità the best.

Quick assembly of the wheels

If necessary, remove the motors from your wheelchair, leaving only 15 kg. No technical knowledge or tools required.

Accepted in the cabin by airlines

Your Divinità is equipped with a battery manufactured in compliance with national and international aeronautical standards. Features: dry, sealed, 24 volts, 10 amperes, 160 wh.

5-angle tilt

Unique 5-angle reclining backrest.

Enhanced durability and warranty

The longest warranty in the world. 10-year warranty on structural welds. 5-year warranty on motors. 2-year warranty on joystick.

The only hybrid wheelchair on the market

Thanks to a patented technology, your Divintà can be permanently or temporarily transformed into an OFF ROAD version like this one, in just a few minutes and without any technical knowledge or tools.

More videos!

We are finalizing the last administrative steps and the first Divintà will be in Europe in a few weeks. If you’d like to join the waiting list and be contacted for a free trial as soon as it arrives, please leave us your details using the form below.