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Meet the Divinità to find out why it is the single best electric wheel chair in the market today!

Electric Wheelchair Divinità 12'

Electric Wheelchair Divinità 16' with permanent Full Power Upgrade

Electric Wheelchair permanent OFF Road Green Cross 1.6 version

The Divinità (picture to the top/left) is a mobility platform developed by the Brazilian company GreenInnovation. It is a customisable wheelchair that can be upgraded in a few minutes into the Full Power Version (middle picture) or the OFF Road (picture to the bottom/right) version. Upgrades can be permanent or temporary with the purchase of a “plug and ride kit” giving the user endless possibilites. is GreenInnovation’s exclusive distributor in Europe. 

Meet Colibri, the head-mouse giving tetraplegic people the ability to interact with a computer or smartphone.

Colibri is a head-mouse that can connect to any computer or smartphone over bluetooth. Colibri was designed to allow people with little or no control of their hands and arms (typically patients with tretraplegia, but can be extended to users suffering from other degrees of spinal cord injury, stroke, spinal muscular atrophy, cerebral palsy, congenital malformation and others). Colibri is intended for any person with restricted movement of the hands and arms, as long as they preserve neurotypical cognitive level and good voluntary control of the head movements. It is manufactured by the Brazilian company TIX Systems, which specialises in the development of accessibility products. 

Discover PiMu! The musical whiteboard for sensorial education and rehabilitation.

The PiMu musical whiteboard was invented by the educator Vitor Moreira, who realized that teaching music could be more fun and that children could be protagonists in the composition process. The PiMu works through a system of closing circuits, in which paint, modelling clay or human touch can be the connecting agents. It has 24 musical points scattered on its surface. The circuits are closed by touching one of the points and border simultaneously. Once a circuit is closed, an integrated computer will launch the audio clip associated with that pin. Multiple audio clips with instrument and drum loops can play simultaneously allowing children to easily create music parts.


We present you to Lysa! The robot guide dog helping people with visual disabilities to move around safely.

Lysa is a robot guide dog developed to help people with visual disabilities to navigate closed spaces such as museums and big surface commerces in safety. Equipped with multiple sensors, a high resolution camera, obstacle avoidance intelligence and an object recognition AI, she talks to the user providing him with important information about his surroundings. Lysa is currently deployed in multiple museums, hospitals and airports and has just arrived in France! It has been developed by Vix Systems and has won the latest MAPFRE innovation for accessibility contest.